Kathrine Quinby, RN, CLNC
Does or your company need cost efficient assistance screening medical cases to eliminating the expense of nonmeritorious lawsuits?

Does your company need qualified nurse that is skilled in analyzing electronic medical records, hospital policies and procedures and interpret their relevance to your case?

Does your company need a nurse to attend and document a Defense Medical Examination?

Katherine Quinby, RN, CLNC is owner/founder of Quinby Legal Nurse Consulting. As a CLNC® I have successfully mastered the rigorous CLNC® Certification Program giving me the expertise to quickly pinpoint and interpret medical and nursing issues in any case involving health, illness or injury, attending DME’s and identifying and locating the best medical expert witnesses to strengthen the credibility of your case.

From the moment a potential case comes in, as a CLNC® I am an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening the case for merit and providing 30 CLNC® services relevant to your case. Nowhere else will you find this level of cost-effective expertise for reviewing medical records and understanding the subtleties of the the healthcare system.

Will working for an insurance company, fellow nurses have report that I have a keen eye for document tampering, malingering, and fraudulent disability claims.

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Member National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants