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FDA Warning…

FDA Warning…

That usually tends to get people’s attention and I am no different. The article that I initially read was on Medscape Nurses; according to Tuma (2015) Wallcur’s simulated IV saline solution has been inappropriately sent to medical clinics, surgical centers and urgent care facilities in several states. The simulated IV solution lacks the sterilization process and is not intended for infusions in humans or animals.

The bags of simulated IV solutions were labeled to indicate that it is for simulation use only; those facilities that received the simulated IV solution report that they were unaware that they received simulation product. Where was the breakdown that leads to patients being infused with sub-standard solution? The article raised more questions than it provided answers for which I am sure will be debated in future court rooms.

My main curiosity and the reason for this blog is… why is there a need for simulated IV solution? When I was in training classes with scenarios that required starting an IV and administering fluids, we used outdated IV solutions that were pulled from the shelf. Why purchase simulated products when you can use what you have on your shelf and avoid a costly mistake? If I were a patient, I would much rather run the risk of having outdated IV solution that has been sterilized than sub-standard solution for training purposes only that has not been appropriately sterilized and not even appropriate for animals.

If you are interested in more information on the FDA recall, you can visit their website.


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