Quinby Legal Nurse ConsultingFrom interpreting medical terminology to preparing you for court, the services we deliver enable your practice to have the medical edge you need to achieve the best results for your client.

Quinby Legal Nurse Consulting can save you time and money by providing these services:

          • Screen medical cases to eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits.
      • Analyze electronic medical records, hospital policies and procedures and interpret their relevance to your case.
      • Identify adherence to and deviation from the applicable standards of care.
      • Attend independent medical examinations with your client and provide a report.
      • Develop reports and chronologies to highlight the significant medical events.
      • Identify and locate the best medical expert witnesses relevant to your case.
      • Detect tampering within the medical records.
      • Serve as your liaison by interviewing and preparing clients, key witnesses and experts.
      • Additional 20+ CLNC® services, call for more information.

Regardless of the specialty; call us whenever your caseload includes medical or nursing malpractice, worker’s compensation, personal injury or criminal cases to name a few.

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